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From strategy development to realization

Effective marketing of a consulting firm and its services and acquiring new business from existing and new customers are crucial to grow a consulting company. We provide tailored workshops to help you grow your income and profit.

We provide fresh ideas and impulses as well as knowledge transfer in analyzing and using best practices and benchmarks.

Take advantage of our deep market insights and expertise to create unique market positions and growth potentials:

Neutral perspective & outside-in-view

Broad and deep knowledge of the consulting industry and competitors

Varied best practice examples and benchmarks.


Stand-alone realization
Growth & Market Positioning

  • Strategic Management

    • How to structure, optimize and communicate your service portfolio and specialized expertise
    • Define, adapt and create new business models
    • How to develop successful market entry strategies
    • How to internationalize your business successfully
  • Differentiation & Positioning

    • How to define, optimize and improve your market positioning
    • How to improve your market communications and how to convey your core competencies and value proposition to clients
  • Marketing for consulting firms

    • How to acquire new clients actively and efficiently
    • How to define and establish effective marketing approaches
    • How to boost your brand recognition and perception in the eyes of your clients
    • Online marketing in the area of digitalization: Is your firm ahead or behind the curve?
    • Media works / media appearance
  • Pricing

    • Benchmarking and optimization of fees and fee structures
    • How to define and establish state-of-the art pricing models and price differentiation

External realization
Cooperations, Networks, M&A

  • Green Field Operation

    • Business Plan
    • People Search
  • Strategic Partnering

    • Info Memo
    • Selection of search fields
    • Longlist
    • Negotiations
    • Strategic Partnering Agreement
  • Merger

    • Info Memo
    • Selection of search fields
    • Longlist
    • Due Dilligence
    • Negotiations
    • Merger Agreement
  • Trade Acquisition / Sale

    • Info Memo
    • Selection of search fields
    • Long List
    • Due Dilligence
    • Valuation
    • Negotiation
    • Share Purchase Agreement

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