Trends in the consulting market from a client and consultant perspective

    Focus: Digital Transformation

    Our regularly conducted consulting market trends studies always revolve around the most actual topics and developments. This year’s trend study addresses one of the most prevalent challenges of today:

    How can complex, digital transformations of organizations be successfully accomplished with the help of external consultants?

    Results of the consulting market trend study 2019

    Summary of Essential Findings

    73% of respondents (client organizations) have already conducted one or more projects in the area of “digital transformation” together with external consultants. 65% of clients believe that these projects were only partially successful.


    • ¼ of the surveyed clients criticize lack of detailed work and/ or miss coverage of groundbreaking inventions in the field of digital transformation.
    • Only 18% of surveyed clients state that consultants have fully met the expectations in terms of relevance of results for and alignment of results with the daily business of the client organizations. It seems that most consultants still rely on theoretical digital concepts.
    • The value of consultants in digital projects consists mainly in giving new impetus.

    • What clients missed were detailed work, groundbreaking innovations and relevance for their day-to-day business.

    New requirements for (digital) consulting

    As a result of the new issues revolving around digitization, the expectations of clients towards external consulting firms have changed. Especially when it comes to complex transformation projects, clients need a holistic approach, interdisciplinary skills and integrated service portfolios of consultants in areas such as innovation, business model and product development, (digital) strategies, organizational and cultural development, customer experience and design as well as technology and IT software.

    Urgency of change and an uncertain market environment also require new forms of consulting support and new consulting roles: Agile methods, flexible ways of collaboration, creativity techniques, analytics tools, co-entrepreneurship & co-operation models are just some of the keywords to be mentioned here.

    Learn more about what clients expect of consultants for digital transformation projects and how successful consulting firms must position themselves in the future.

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