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Trainings & Workshops

When selecting a consultant buyers of consulting services are looking first for the right set of team expertise, skills and industry knowledge. To deliver any value, a consultant should have experience with the challenges or opportunities your company is facing. For any consultant to be successful in helping your company, though, the consulting firm’s approaches, methodologies and provided roles have to fit with your project requirements and needs.

That’s why searching for the right consultant always starts with a clear picture of your own organization’s situation and plans.

The management consulting industry is highly fragmented with a variety of consulting firms, ranging from the “big three” global strategy-consulting firms to a large number of individual/independent consultants. The good thing is: There are many choices for buyers of consulting services. The bad thing: The differentiation among consulting firms is so minimal. Finding out who is good at what you want to do is time-consuming.

To be able to find the right consultant, clients must have a clear picture what they want and need. This is not always easy to define at the outset of a project, also since sometimes there is no internal consensus among project stakeholders about project goals and project approaches.

Buyers of consulting services often do not know how potential consulting firms can help them with their challenges and issues.  It’s difficult for them to figure out who is good at what and who is right for their business and projects. We help you with our knowledge and expertise to get prepared for your next consulting project.


Professional procurement organizations and sourcing processes rely heavily on the people who are involved. Critical success factors are the capabilities, skills and ambitions of procurement professionals and line managers.

Our training programs and workshops are practical and tailored to your needs: They help build and enhance peoples’ qualifications and capabilities in your organization and aim at transfering best practice knowledge.

Our on-the-job trainings assist both managers and procurement professionals with state-of-the-art processes, methodologies and tools in order to optimize the evaluation, selection and management of consultants.

Training Offerings

  • Strategic Procurement Capabilities

    • Procurement strategies
    • Sourcing processes
    • Procurement organization & global sourcing
    • Supplier selection and supplier management
    • Performance measurement & controlling instruments
  • Tactical Procurement Capabilities

    • Definition of required external skills and expertise
    • Tender
    • Market search
    • Compilation of long lists
    • Evaluation & provider assessments
    • Negotiations & contracting
  • Procurement Processes & Tools

    • Project planning
    • Evaluation & selection criteria
    • Request for proposals & request for information
    • Provider search scope
    • Comparison of consultants and cof their offerings
    • Evaluation & assessment methodologies
    • Decision processes
  • Consulting Spend Management

    • Supplier portfolios & preferred supplier strategies
    • Deployement of consultants
    • Transparency on consulting costs and fees
    • Performance measurement
    • Knowlegde management & databases

Would you like to learn more about our best practice-trainings and workshops on how to find, evaluate and select the right consultants for your business? We are pleased to provide more information about our training services.