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Screening & Evaluation

By providing insights to current market offerings and distinguishing the capabilities of different consulting companies, Cardea connects its clients with „best match“ consulting companies for specific project initiatives. We know that our clients’ projects and needs may vary widely. That’s why we provide to our clients flexible solutions and support them according to their varied needs: With comprehensive full services or customized packages based on our structured service process.

Our service focus areas are tailored to the prevailing needs and requirements of clients and range from project planning to detailled evaluation and best-match result: As meta-consultants we have unmatched insights into the global consulting market and are able to efficiently tell our clients where they can find the required consulting expertise.

We never leave your consulting project to chance. From detailled specification of required external skills and expertise, to long list and short list recommendation: We help clients achieve the highest quality, transparency and efficiency when choosing external consultants.

Our comprehensive matching process allows clients to distinguish among different providers and compare their distinct areas of expertise required to address the specific challenges and problems of our clients’ organizations. In order to pave the way for our clients to the consulting expertise which is right for their businesses.

  • Market Screening & Research

    The consulting market has a lot to offer. Consulting firms provide innovative engagement forms and consulting services to clients outside the traditional project-based model. With our extensive knowledge of the consulting industry we help clients seek out «best of breed» expertise and approaches and choose the consulting firm or solution with the best price-value ratio.

  • Long-List-Services

    The Cardea Long-List-Services are an efficient way to initiate your own tender and evaluation process. A long list of service providers is based on the research, the existing know-how and network of Cardea with regard to the consulting market and its providers in the areas requested by the client. The pre-qualification contains the examination and assessment of service providers in order to compile a validated long list of eligible consulting companies for a client’s project initiative based on pre-defined requirements.

  • Evaluation-Services

    With our evaluation services we provide “full service” support for our clients when seeking out and choosing consulting services: From the specification of required skills and expertise to long list and short list recommendation of consultants that are right for their projects. Our goal is to achieve highest and objective comparability and differentiation of performances, capabilities, expertise and skills of the consultants in order to help clients achieve professional and transparent decision making processes when selecting consulting services.

  • Sole-Source Vendor Recommendation

    If you do not need a comprehensive long list and evaluation process, our sole-source vendor recommendation is the shortest way to a suitable consulting firm: Based on your project requirements, we provide you access to prospective consultants from our pool of pre-qualified and available candidates.

  • Performance Measurement

    Whether you want to measure current or past performance of your consultants and consulting projects, identify and manage underperformance and project risks in a timely way or compare the performance of your consultants with peers and industry best practice we provide adequate performance measurement solutions and help you assess how your consultants are performing and stay informed about your return on consulting.

Do you want to learn more about how you can find and select consultants which are right for your business? We are pleased to provide more information about our services and offerings.