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Procurement of Consulting Services

A lot of companies already do have professional procurement organizations and teams for procuring consulting services. Our services and expertise encompass the entire chain of securing, hiring and deploying external consulting services and focus on the main „levers“ which have an impact on the performance of consultants and the outcomes of consulting engagements: From procurement strategies and processes, supplier management & preferred supplier strategies to measurement of the performance of engaged consultants and consulting spend management.

Our knowledge of market trends, state-of-the art solutions and internal & external benchmarks and best practices of procuring indirect spend helps procurement professionals establish value-adding procurement services for their internal clients and stakeholders.

We also offer a “dedicated team model” (also known as “extended workbench”) allowing our clients’ procurement organizations flexible and quick access to our knowledge and resources in the area of market screening services or tender and evaluation services. Tailored as a best fit for a flexible or long-term cooperation.

  • Procurement "as a service"

    Cardea provides procurement organizations flexible and quick access to a set of knowledge and resources to help procurement teams timely and effectively serve their internal clients. Flexible access involves our market screening capabilities, our long list services and quick access to professional services providers and alternative service offerings or tender and evaluation services enabling procurement teams to overcome practical barriers, such as lack of resources and know-how.

  • Supplier Management & Preferred Supplier Portfolios

    We help procurement organizations understand current market offerings, assess and improve the accuracy and quality of current supplier portfolios in terms of number, completeness and adequacy to cover required expertise as well as define procurement categories and allocate prospective preferred suppliers.

  • Procurement Strategies & Procurement Processes

    Based on our best practice know-how and expertise, we help procurement professionals define adequate indirect procurement strategies and optimize procurement processes (e.g. supplier screening, supplier evaluation and supplier matching)  in order to establish efficient and effective procurement organizations and enable procurement teams to enhance the value of the procurement services within their organization.

  • Performance Measurement

    When purchasing consulting services it’s crucial to choose and work with the consulting companies which deliver the highest value and bring the most extensive project experience to the prevalent challenges and initiatives. That’s why it is worth to periodically assess their quality and performance in order to timely identify expectation gaps or to build the foundation for performance-based selection processes. We help procurement teams measure the value, quality and performance of consultants drawing on proven pre-qualification instruments (e.g. certificates, RFI), performance measurement and benchmark tools.

Do you want to learn more about how we can support your procurement organization and team? We are pleased to provide more information about our services and expertise.