…to create new business models & services for your consulting company

Consulting as a product

With modern tools consulting companies can support consulting processes and delivery of consulting services as well as create new services and solutions for clients.

The tools are centered around intelligent use of data with the help of analytics, IoT and machine learning and allow consulting companies to develop new (digital) services and products.

Main question: Which new business models can be created for clients or internal consulting processes?

Building solutions and resources from your own resources is time-consuming and costly. Open ecosystems allow you to broaden your consulting services and deepen your core business and thus secure digital development in cooperation with companies.

New Services: Digital Market-Screening & Digital Ecosystems

Cardea has developed innovative services to enable consulting firms to quickly gain a transparent insight into the landscape of possible solutions and the “ecosystem” of solution providers, depending on the state of preliminary considerations and the concretisation of new business ideas.

The most direct way to results

Growth & Positioning: Impulses & Workshops

  • What are the most important levers of growth of my consulting company?
  • Which new products, services and business models will secure future growth?
  • How can I successfully differentiate and position my consulting company an in the market?

Value: Impulses, Knowledge Sharing, Best Practices & Benchmarks for your future growth strategy

Market Screening & Reports

  • Mapping of providers and solutions along new technologies and use cases
  • «Pre-Screening» to provide a quick overview of existing solutions and cases and a “pool of ideas” for future value-added services for your clients

Value: Tool-based use cases (Analytics, big data, algorithms, AI) for quick and easy implementation

Cooperation, Networks, M&A

  • Identification and evaluation of suitable solution partners encompassing target screening, long & short list up to etsablishment of successful partnerships.

Value: Detailled matching of strategies & requirements to etsablish successful partner and network models & structures

Value for Consulting Companies

We draw on our broad and deep knowledge of the consulting market and our access to a variety of providers with services & experience in various functional areas, industries/industries and markets/clients. Cardea has many years of experience in establishing successful cooperation models/networks and partnerships between consulting firms.

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