Digitalization Consulting or Digital Transformation of the Consulting Industry?

Digitization forces all industries to change. To ensure their future viability, companies must rethink business models, customer relationships, products and services. Recently, this change has been generating high revenues for consulting companies that accompany their customers in their digital transformation processes. In addition, many consulting firms have built up (technological) competencies through acquisitions and cooperations […]

In Search of Excellence – How innovation works on practice

In Search of Excellence – How innovation works on practice There are few business leaders who would deny that we are living in a time of unprecedented innovation. But preserving growth has probably never been more challenging than it is today. The solution, which business model secures the future, which needs the customers of tomorrow […]

To be agile or not: That’s the question

Do you want an agile team to operate on you in heart surgery? This question divides in people’s debates. To form an opinion about this, one has to get a deeper understanding of the concept of “agile organizations” which currently is seen as “remedy” to achieve more focus, higher performance, better results and higher employee […]

Market orientation in the new world of (digital) agencies

It’s common for many companies to rely on external support for their sales, marketing and communication activities. The large impact technology has on the working and everyday life has led to the digitalization of communication channels and the emergence of digital touchpoints with large media reach and opens up a whole new universe of opportunities […]

Digital is the new black!? – New requirements when hiring consultants for digital transformation

Most consulting firms would probably answer this question with “yes”. According to various studies, however, the picture among clients is still much more heterogeneous. While some fully embrace the digital trend puttygen , others can’t be bothered with digital “fashion”. Why? Digital transformation projects are highly complex and can have very different starting positions and […]