Strategic Partnering

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Partner Management and Partner Search

How to establish and manage cooperations and networks of consulting companies effectively

We draw on more than 15 years of experience and our deep understanding of the consulting market as well as our access to a wide variety of consulting companies with specific functional, industry and/ or market expertise. Cardea has performed varied mandates in the past helping consulting companies etsablish and manage successful collaboration models/ networks and partnerships with other professional services providers. In order to create new markets, enhance a service portfolio or to broaden or deepen expertise building partnerships and networks may sometimes be the only way.

Based on our experience, searching for valuable collaboration partners requires an initiation phase and a subsequent more detailled specification phase in order to achieve mutual understanding and alignment of collaboration goals and benefits in terms of new business creation (business model identification and specification).

Our Services & Approach


  • Analysis of as-is situation and understanding/ definition of collaboration goals and ambitions
  • Understanding/ definition of partnership benefits and collaboration models or options
  • Definition of requirements towards prospective collaboration/ network partners
  • Definition and scpoing of partnership search


  • Search & identification of prospective consulting companies which meet defined collaboration requirements with respect to services, expertise and track record (long list)
  • Clarification of interest of potential partners to embark on a collaboration strategy

Short List

  • Organize access to interested consulting companies and facilitate first “meet & greet” meetings
  • Assessment and prioritization of long-listed consulting companies along three criteria: strategic fit (“attrctiveness”), business model fit (“potentials”) and cultural fit (“collaboration”)

"Ramp Up"

  • Assistance with defining appropriate collaboration/ partnership models and agreements
  • Assistance with finalizing partnership models and agreements, preparation of market entry and market offerings (“ramp up”)

Do you want to learn more how we can help you define and establish successful partnership and collaboration models? We are pleased to provide you more information about our services and expertise.