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Meta Advice. Hitting the Mark.

We assist client organizations with seeking out
the right consulting company.
We provide transparency in the consulting market,
search and recommend those external
consultants which are right for your project.


Project Specific. Custom Fit.

Whether screening, long list, short list recommendation
or tender processes: We help you achieve professional
and transparent decision making process when selecting
consulting services and take care that you only work with
the best of all possible consultants.


Quality Approved. Experience Based.

Consulting companies which Cardea offers to its clients
have proven capabilities and distinctive propositions.
This is achieved by highest and objective comparability
and differentiation of performances, capabilities,
expertise and skills of the consultants.

Chance – Offene Türen

Goddess of doorways.

Cardea is the Roman goddess of the hinge and threshold,
presiding over doorways. According to Ovid her power is to
open things that have been closed, and close things that
have been opened. Use it to open the door to all good

Our Services

Screening & Evaluation

„Full service“ from A-Z including assistance with identifying, evaluating and selecting the most eligible consultants for your specific project requirements. Modular, customised service packages tailored to your specific needs from provider screening, long list and short list recommendation to final selection of the most suitable consultant.

Procurement of Consulting Services

Based on our proven methodologies and expertise, we help strategic and tactical buyers of consulting services establish or optimize strategies, processes, organizational structures and tools for procuring consulting services and provide, in addition, professional assistance “as a service” for procurement departments and teams.

Training & Workshops

Our best practices and expertise encompass the entire chain of securing, hiring and deploying external consulting services. The trainings we offer span a wide range of topics such as optimizing supplier portfolios, selection and decision processes as well as deployment of cost efficient consulting approaches. We provide knowledge transfer with regards to methods, tools, processes, templates and checklists.

Digital Marketplace: consultingsearcher

Independent market place for online screening and sourcing of consulting services. We connect client organizations and consulting companies by providing highest quality, efficiency and reliability.

With Cardea you reliably find highly qualified consulting companies which bring extensive project experience to your challenges and initiatives. Benefit from our extensive experience and varied services when seeking out and choosing eligible consulting firms.

Our Expertise

We’ll find the consultant for you which is right for your business and your project.

Since its foundation in 1999, Cardea AG has been focused on optimizing the added value of employing consulting services for clients. By providing transparency in the consulting market, Cardea supports clients in making the right decisions when retaining external consulting services. Cardea has established itself as a recognized expert in all matters relating to the consulting market and the use of external consultants – across all industries and from large, international corporations to small and medium sized enterprises.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to the services of Cardea, we have been able to choose the right consultant from a set of suitable candidates in a very timely manner. The consultant fully met our expectations and the project has been accomplished successfully.

SwisscomDivision CIO

Cardea has conducted a comprehensive international search and evaluation of propsective consulting firms in a timely manner.  In its presentation, Cardea has been able to pinpoint the differences between the various consulting companies and helped us to identify the consulting companies and offerings which best match our requirements, in terms of value, services, experiences and price.

Credit SuisseBusiness Unit Head