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    We seek out the right management consultant for your business and your projects out of a pool of over 3’000 management consulting firms.
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What is cardea search?

We connect client companies and management consultants providing high quality, efficient and effective selection procedures. Based on our unique knowledge of the consulting market and over 15 years of experience assisting clients with evaluating and selecting consulting companies.

We find the right consultant for your project!

Confidentiality guaranteed

We do not reveal information about you and your projects without your consent! That’s why consulting firms will only see anonymized data and will not have access to any personal data.

Unique matches

You’d be surprised how much the consulting industry has to offer. Besides a large number of renowned consulting companies, there is a wide variety of specialized boutique consultants. We tell you which consutling firm and consultant is right for your project and your business.

Incredibly fast

It takes a while until you have screened all 11 million Google results for “management consulting”. And even then you hardly know what’s behind theses links. We discover for you all relevant providers and information – in a short time period. We only are able to do so because of our long-term experience and quick access to the best consulting firms.

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How it works

  • Briefing

    With our structured and focussed needs analysis, it only takes 5 minutes to tell us about your project and the specific skills required.Data protection is essential to us, so we do not reveal any information to consulting companies which you deem confidential.

  • Expert Advice

    Our team of experts is from now on taking care of your request. We verify your needs, align these with consulting market services and transfer your requirements into structured requests for information on consulting firms’ qualifications.

  • Matching & Recommendation

    Based on your requirements and needs we identify eligible consulting companies using our internal databases and market screening capabilities and match your requirements with the skills and experiences of the consulting companies.We will provide you with the best selection of highly qualified consulting companies which are right for your project and your business.

Our Products

Tailored. Hitting the mark.

Market-Screening & Research

The consulting market has a lot to offer. Consulting firms provide innovative engagement forms and consulting services to clients outside the traditional project-based model. With our extensive knowledge of the consulting industry we help clients seek out «best of breed» expertise and approaches and choose the consulting firm or solution with the best price-value ratio.

Long-list Service

The Cardea Long-List-Services are an efficient way to initiate your own tender and evaluation process. A long list of service providers is based on the research, the existing know-how and network of Cardea with regard to the consulting market and its providers in the areas requested by the client. The pre-qualification contains the examination and assessment of service providers in order to compile a validated long list of eligible consulting companies for a client’s project initiative based on pre-defined requirements.

Sole-Source Vendor Recommendation

If you do not need a comprehensive long list and evaluation process, our sole-source vendor recommendation is the shortest way to a suitable consulting firm: Based on your project requirements, we provide you access to prospective consultants from our pool of pre-qualified and available candidates.

Comprehensive Evaluation

With our evaluation services we provide “full service” support for our clients when seeking out and choosing consulting services: From the specification of required skills and expertise to long list and short list recommendation of consultants that are right for their projects. Our goal is to achieve highest and objective comparability and differentiation of performances, capabilities, expertise and skills of the consultants in order to help clients achieve professional and transparent decision making processes when selecting consulting services.